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domenica 1 marzo 2015

I am back....

Actually I am back... Again here in my blog. Nearly three years, a lot of time, a lot of feelings... good and bad. I had left this blog because I had had a lot of problems in my private life yet now I am again here. I am ready to write again. I am again in the tunnel but I know I am going to see the light. I am back.

lunedì 7 maggio 2012

Again corruption in Italian politics

In these days, twenty years after the end of socalled first (Italian) Republic, Italy's politics is living another debacle. I am living again what I had lived once in my past when I was a teenager. I see some analogies between today scandals and those revealed in 1992 though the contexts are completely different.

In that year a wide judiciary investigation, nicknamed by journalists "clean hands", had overwhelmed as a "tsunami" the then Italian leading parties revealing the biggest scandals of corruption and bribery in the latest fifty years of the country's history, Tangentopoli: Italian neologism to define a "city of bribe". 

Two of then main ruling parties, the Christian Democracy (DC) and the Italian Socialist Party (PSI), had literally erased: many of these parties leaders where investigated or arrested under charges of to be part of a very radicated system of corruption in Italian society. As described by an almost unknown Alberto Sordi's movie of 1984, "Tutti dentro".

The most famous politician charged of bribery has been Bettino Craxi, the Socialist Party leader, escaped in Tunisia to avoid a judiciary process. He had dead "contumacious" in 2000 in his tunisian villa in Hammamet without never come back in Italy.

Giulio Andreotti, Arnaldo Forlani, Francesco CossigaCiriaco De Mita of DC, Gianni De Michelis and Claudio Martelli of PSI are other political bosses of these years that in 1992 had suddenly losted their political power under similar corruption's charges as Mr Craxi. But They unlike him had not fled Italy. 

Despite their political fall Mr Andreotti and Mr Cossiga, both several times Republic's Prime Minister and Minister, had preserved also their seats in Italian Senate because both at the time had became Senators for life but They had no more hold offices in governaments after 1992.

"Clean hands" has changed deeply Italian politics. Indeed the deletion of the two main historical ruling parties had opened a sudden blackout in Italy's politics from 1992 to 1994. Since then more citizens had lost confidence in politics and words DC and PSI has became synonymous of bribery and of politics without no ethics.

The lack of a political guide had weaken the Country: so the former Italian currency, the Lira, had suffered a speculation attack that pushing temporarily the Country out of European Monetary System. The only solution for a crisis as political as economic had been shaping two subsequent technocratic governments. As happened in the end of 2011.

These governaments respectively ruled by Giuliano Amato and Carlo Azelio Ciampi to overcome a crisis as political as economic, according with the European legislation, had introduced a wide liberalization in many areas of Italy economy as Energy, Telecomunications, Industry, Infrastructures and Banks.

In this years the political landscape was really undefined because only the previous old "unruling" parties i.e. Democratic Party of the Left (PDS) former Italian Comunist PartyItalian Social Movement (MSI) a post fascist party and the recent North League appeared not affected by corruption and bribery.

At the end of 1993 a new party emerged in the Italian politics, Forza Italia, created by Silvio Berlusconi a businessman not a politician, gathering many political souls from that "liberal - conservative" to that "christian - democratic" to that liberal filling the void created by the recent disappering of DC and PSI.

A new bipolar season had becomed in Italy. Not with two only parties but with two main groups with pourly defined borders: one of center left lead by the PDS, now Democratic Party (PD), and anoter of center right lead by Forza Italia. This configuration of Italian politics had lasted from the elections in 1994 to the Mr Berlusconi resignation in the end of 2011.

Indeed the current Italian Governament, again technocratic, led by Mario Monti is supported both the center left and center right. This "political convergence" remember the "pre - Tangentopoli" political style whose Governaments had been affected by instability and without alternation: because if "all are responsible no one is responsible".

Mr Berlusconi, four times prime minister, has marked the last twenty years of Italian politics outlining many endemic problems of the country, as those for to make business, without resolving them. It's unnecessary speaking about his trouble with law about conflict of interests, charges of corruption, sexual scandals and suspects of tie with Mafia.

Berlusconi has also been the main "glue" of the center left coalition incapable to solve the Italian problems overcoming her ideologic visions and her proper conflict of interests. So the only "political idea" in the last twenty years of center left parties has been "to demonize" Berlusconi attacking him without creating a (believable) alternative to him.

Also in Berlusconi's currently party, People of Freedom, there are many components under investigations for bribery or corruption. Just as inside the currently main center left party, the PD, in which a serious case of misappropriation of party's funds by the party's treasurer has recently exploded.

The same thing has happened in the North League involving the Party's secretary and other important politicians: the really problem is that the Italian parties receive public funds to avoid corruption and bribery by politicians. I am not kidding. Obviously Italian politicians receive also a salary when are elected.

Not enough because other scandals are revealed in 2011. In Lombardy, a region in North Italy, some elements of regional Governament, lead by Roberto Formigoni of center right, are investigated about  bribery charges. Not only! Again in Lombardy Filippo Penati of center left, the president of Province Milan biggest city in Lombardy, is also investigated about bribery.

It's possible to quote other politician's cases of corruption and bribery at every institutional level: from the Parliament to the Regions, to Provinces until the Municipalities. Corruption is not only in a single party but presents in every political formation so many Italian citizens are losting confidence in their politicians and others will lost it if something will not change in future.

martedì 1 maggio 2012

A tunisian girl: a gorgeous blog

I dedicate this post to a blog of a young girl fighting the more difficult fight: that for the freedom. The freedom as person and as citizen, i.e. for her country, the Tunisia. Tunisia for many Italians or Europeans is only a small arab country famous for holyday resort in mediterranean sea but in this country for over a year many people, mainly youngers, are fighting a silent war to change their destiny and gain a better future.

Lina Ben Mhenni is a student using her talents for create her Blog, named "A Tunisian girl", when She discribes her experiences and ideas but and when She fight for her freedom and for freedom of her country. In January 2011 the people has insurged against a regime incapable of assure to all citizens decent conditions of life. Since then few things are changed in Tunisia where there are again corruption and economic crisis.

Lina is a courageous girl that in her book "Tunisian girl" tells her point of view and personal experience as blogger during the jasmine revolution. She shows her face without fear of tell her ideas risking her personal safety. So I think that diffusing her blog and her words is the better way to support her fight for freedom. Against the corruption for the equality. 

domenica 22 aprile 2012

Do career women want to be Slaves?

In current times submission, sadomasochism and fetishism are concepts largely widespread in public opinion and present in every media with respect to what happened some years ago. Fashion and arts are very inspired by these "practices". People speak currently about these things shameless though sure not all practice them. Also the burlesque is nowadays something that is not ashamed for girls and women doing it. 

Newsweek, the famous American weekly, give another "proof" of this phenomenon awarding a cover to Women submission fantasies: the cover is related to the article written by Katie Roiphe available in the site The Daily Beast. The article underlines how currently sexual domination of men over women is in vogue. Precisely referred to working or career women.

This thing may seem counterintuitive because career women are tipically self - confident, resolute, fully graduated and economically indipendent (of men). Indeed, using SM categories, career women seem be related more to Mistresses than Slaves. But Mrs Roiphe's "thesis" offers a different vision of that mentioning several elements supporting it.

Mrs Roiphe begins citing the bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey" wondering how many women brought this book where the protagonist introduces the young eroine, Anastasia, to sadomasochistic practices as spanking. The article cites also the book "Richer Sex" and HBO's new serie "Girls" as examples of the women fantasies of submission. Not only.

Mrs Roiphe cited also an analysis of 20 studies published in Psychology Today estimating that between 31 percent and 57 percent of women have fantasies where they are forced to have sex. These elements bring the authoress to make some questions about these women's desires conflicting with present conditions of emancipation of women.

The question "But why, for women especially, would free will be a burden?" is exemplary. But Mrs Roiphe assumes that sexual domination for women can be represent a "release, a vacation, an escape from the dreariness and hard work of equality" quoting many people's statement supporting this idea. Sure this article will provoke more discussion!  

I find more interesting Mrs Roiphe's considerations because her words confirm some my personal experiences with career women and with girls and "other" women in general. For example years ago a girl had confessed me "For a girl to be submissive in sexual contest is natural: the woman likes to be an object of course not of everyone".

Today, years after, I agree absolutely with that statement. Indeed other times I experienced sexual games of submission with other women and girls who like to be submissive. Sure every women prefers times and different ways but each of them like when the man decide the rules and lead the game. Someone can misunderstand my words so these  need an explanation.

I dont speak about violence against women or not safe practices but about safe "games" between a man and a woman both conscious of what they are doing. It's appropriate to remember also there are women like to be dominant and women dont like this games: but in my experience the majority of women like to be submissive.

My preferences for this games are not a sexual discrimination against women but only a special way to make sex more spicy than normal. Spanking and safe bondage of wrists or ankles with a blindfold are the best "items" preferred by my female sexual partners. 

domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Melissa Satta: An Italian Beauty

She's a beautiful Italian girl. She's a model and a famous TV show girl. She has posed on Sport Illustrated with a body paint look reproducing the world famous Italian national football team blue t-shirt. She's also a WAG because She likes soccer players as boyfriends. She's simply Melissa Satta.

Melissa has born in Boston twenty five years ago from Italian parents and She has started her model career at sixteen. Her stunning body and beautiful face are indisputable but her "silver bullet" has been her likeness with another italian TV star: Elisabetta Canalis. They are very similar in body and face. Melissa and Elisabetta have another two things in common: first they have been both brunette sexy dancers (nicknamed "velina") in the same Italian TV program "Striscia la Notizia". 

In fact Melissa's career has rocketed after this experience but not over. The second thing in common with Miss Canalis is ex Italian soccer player Christian Vieri: Mr Vieri has been boyfriend of both girls. First Elisabetta and later Melissa, the younger. Nobody likes to be a clone of someone else so Melissa after her experience as "velina" has been over She has started to gain its prope role in star system because It's very easy disappear for a velina! 

She has shown smartness working in Italy and abroad, in TV and in fashion, as actress or model. She has started a new relationship with another soccer player: Kevin Prince Boateng. Recently She has revealed her sex habits in an interview: She makes sex between seven or ten times every week and She likes "to be above" her male partner. Melissa compliments, You are really honest and sex is the better way to spend time. Have many nice sex experiences.

martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Italy and economic crisis

The magazine TIME has crowned a protester as "Person of the Year" in its famous cover. This is the tip of the iceberg: this year the protests have spreaded in many Countries to collect more and more people and exceed boundaries. Every Country has its problems but people equally dissent and as TIME write in its Introduction about these people "They literally embodied the idea that individual action can bring collective, colossal change.".

The covers drawing is inspired by a real photo of a girl named Sarah Mason who took part to Occupy L.A. Her brown eyes forward courage and pride together. The photographer is Ted Soqui, almost a new Robert Capa, whose blog cointains the girl's name and many other photos and details about that manifestation.

We live an age of trouble: in Western Countries there are protests mainly caused by the economic downturn. These pacific movements having different names depending on the country in which they are, e.g. "Occupy Wall Street" or "Occupy L.A." in USA, "Occupy London" in UK, "Indignados" in Spain or Italy. Despite different names all of them are united against the growing unemployment and economic inequality in Western.

But not only. In Libya Gheddafi had been deposed and killed, Tunisia and Egypt are in profondous political changes, in Syria the establishment uses the army against the protesters, in other Arabs Country citizens protest or have protested more or less deeply against their governaments. 

In past days Italy has also been in the eye of the storm because its debt  has influenced "Euro crisis". This crisis is very serious because can undermine the same European Union and her main achievement, the Euro currency. Sure the crisis dont involves only Italy but also Greece, Portugal and Ireland but those countries are Union's "economically peripherals" compared to Italy.

Germany and France have pushed for reforms in Italy as they have previously done for Portugal, Ireland and Greece. Italy debt has reached a very risky level and that has stated a very large market speculation over Italian bonds. Mr. Berlusconi's Governement has shown powerless and divisions in front of this crisis so parliamentary majority has melted like snow in the sun.

After Mr. Berlusconi has resigned (under a popular festive happening), Italian President Mr Napolitano has called Mr Mario Monti to form a new Governament to try to save the Country (and the Euro) from the brink. Mr Monti not elected in Italian Parliament has quickly shaped a new Governament without politicians as members.

A Governament of people not elected is a strange "being" because in theory politicians must be accountable to citizens. Nevertheless the main Italian politic Parties deliberately did not want take part to this Governament: Nobody want to be the responsible for the unpopular measures that this Governament should set in the coming months.

Sure to call new elections could represent a serious risk for Italy's debt so the Country needed a rapid reply to market speculation. The main political parties are in trouble and divised in three alignements: centre left, center right and the so called third pole. This mexican stand off favours the Monti's solution. 

Economic crisis is really serious but Italy has anyway many deep problems about which there are certainly the political corruption, a widespread tax evasion and a lack of competitiveness in public and private sectors. 

These problems stem from many reasons, as hystorical as cultural, including for example the Italian Legislation. Italian law is very "hypertrofic" with a boundless number of laws that make our judicial system very inefficient with all consequences easy to imagine for businessmen and citizens. The legitimate demand of many people for a more legal certainty testifying an actual and persistent legal uncertainty in Italy. It's not a puns!!!

In this contest many people retain privileges stopping changements and reforms. Economic crisis effects and subsequent search for solutions highlight precisely this situation and It's no coincidence that many books speak about this question: e.g. "La Casta" or "La Deriva" are only two of various books about these problems of Italy.

I could talk at length about Italian problems or about privileges of many people in Italy but I am very very busy. Sure I think might be more interesting write some questions:

"What's the cause? Privileges or inefficient laws?".
"Why it's so difficult prove politicians fault?".
"Why tax evasion is so widespread about Italian businessmen and citizens?".

giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

The Cal 2012 Muses

It's uneasy speak about something famous, sure many informations are available but every opinion may have already been stated by someone else. In this post I want write about The Cal, i.e. "his highnessPirelli Calendar. The Italian tyre company publish this calendar since 1964 which soon became a must despite a stop of almost ten years.

Mainly three reasons are behind this success. First, the calendar is not sold but only few people can have it why it's an exclusive corporate gift. Second, every year It collects glamour photos of famous international photographers like Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz or Peter Lindbergh. Third, the photo's models are worldwide famous and beautiful women like top models or actresses.

The Cal 2012 recently released is more italian than past editions: in fact the "Director" is Mario Sorrenti, the first time for an Italian photographer in Cal's story, and Corsica is its photo's location: this island now French has a long Italian story. 

In this edition as in previous The Cal's Muses are models, actresses, or both, some are younger, some are more or less famous. These women of stunning beauty have posed for pictures of artistic nude. Let's briefly discover them.

Isabelli Fontana is a Brazilian top model with Italian ancestors. This latin beauty with brown hair and blue eyes began her model career at the age of 14 years and at the age of 16 She posed for a Victoria Secret's lingerie catalogue. She has been model for many important brands and She has posed for the famous Sport Illustraded Swimsuit Edition. She has already appeared in four previous editions of Pirelli calendar.

Natasha Poly, curtailment of Natalya Sergeyevna Polevshchikova, is a russian top model born in 1985. She's a tipical russian beauty with long blonde hair and green eyes. Her career begins in the year 2004 like model and testimonial for many famous fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine and Calvin Klein. She appeared in many covers of many Vogue edition. She has also posed in the 2011 edition of Pirelli Calendar.

Saskia de Brauw has had an atypical model career. She left modelling very early, at 16 years, to porsue her passion for art studying in her native city Amsterdam. At the age of 29 She returned to modelling becoming quickly a worldwide famous top model. Her body and her look are very androgynous. Her hair and eyes are brown. Her internet site hosts an interesting blog. She has made a pubblication with her artworks named Traces.

Lara Stone born in Netherlands in 1983 has been previously other two times a Pirelli Calendar model: in 2009 and 2011.'s, an internet site, appoints her the first in "Top 50 models women ranking" from 19 February 2010 to November 2011. She has also won the British Fashion Awards becoming "Model of the year 2010". The New York Times' fashion critic Cathy Horyn defined her the "anti-model" in her "On the Runway" blog. She has recently became the only testimonial of all three Calvin Klein brands.

Joan Small born in 1988 in Porto Rico and in 2007 She started modelling but in 2010 her career takes off. The caramel skin, the elegant silhouette and the pout make her a sexy woman and a very distinctive exotic beauty. Sure Pirelli Calendar can be a milestone in her career. In Ask men UK site there is a Small's quote that shown a low profile lifestyle: "My bikini, a pair of black high heels and a pair of comfortable jeans. on her essential travel fashions". 
Guinevere Van Seenus, an other model, has already been on 2006 edition of Pirelli Calendar. She's a famous American model born in 1977 and working from 1992 whe She was only 15 years old but her career only really became successful after taking a trip to Europe. Her face, with an aura of elegant decadence, ispires dark and gothic athmospheres in make up creators and photographers wherewith She works. So in many photos She's portrayed as a "demonic" beauty.
Malgosia or Malgosia Bela, born in 1977, is a Polish model and actress with a very expressive face lit by two large green eyes. White skin and long blonde hair give an aristocratic appearence to her sexy body. She has been a testimonial of many brands and has won many covers of many edition of Vogue. Like other collegues also Malgosia has already posed in a past edition of The Cal. As an actress She has also starred some films and TV movies in Poland.   
Edita Vilkeviciute is a Lithuanian model born in 1989 with a beautiful bright and ingenuos face. She's the younger muse of this edition of The Cal. Despite her young age She's established in modelling having already walked for many fashion designer as well as having taken part in some Victoria Secret Fashion Shows. Like many of her colleagues She has appearead on many covers of famous fashion magazines like Vogue or Numero.
Kate Moss is a British model famous in all around the world. She's an icon of a transgressive, glamourous and hedonistic life: herself has been involved in many dissolute parties and even in a cocaine scandal. Her look personifies the so called and most criticized heroine chic look. Early in her career in 90's She has been defined as "anti supermodel" because She was different from supertop of those years. But She's also an icon of style with his look and personality as I stated in a previous post of my blog.

Milla Jovovich is the super star of The Cal's this edition. In fact She's model, actress, musician and fashion designer. Born in 1975 in Kiev but naturalized in USA where her family had expatriated when She was a child. Her stunning body and face have made her luck: very early She had became modelling career but in the cinema She has gained the real worldwide success: She had starred in 32 movies of many kind from 1988 to 2012. Her activities in music and in fashion design show her polyhedric and uncommon artistic qualities.

Margareth Madè, born in 1982, is an Italian model and emerging actress. Her first movie Baaria directed by Giuseppe Tornatore in 2009 had gived Her a very large fame: in fact after her performance in this movie She has been compared with the most famous italian actresses Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren: will be their heir? Her beauty is unquestionable. Sure to take part in a Pirelli calendar can be a really consecration of her career. 

Rinko Kikuchi is a japanese actress. Despite her young age in cinema world She holds a remarkable record being the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award in 50 years. She has played in many japanese films but has also worked in TV: her role in movie Babel (2006) has represented a breakthrough  moment in her career giving her a worldwide fame.